Ladee Hierhonomouse by Lateefah Wright


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A wind up musical sculpture from a very early collection created by Lateefah Wright.

Ladee Hierhonomouse “She is known to probe the tender lobes of heretics and harlots”

She stands 16 inches tall and is 7in wide

weighs approximately 5lbs

“Old fashioned dollies, puppets, reliquaries, urns, tile and music boxes…Handmade old fashioned relics in stoneware clay” Made at Kilstudios

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“Old world eRotica, murderous madams, teratology, shadow puppets, plastination, metric systems, Anatomica, playing with dolls, the human condition, and enthralling cinema all entice me to work towards an ideal of the human form.” – Lateefah Wright

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Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 16 × 7 in