Echo, Storyville Saint Reliquary Bust

Echo is a stunning swivel headed reliquary bust that is also a music box!

“ECHO”, StoryviLLe Saint swivel~headed reliquary bust….. $555
kiln fired stoneware clay, hand crafted oxide glazes, glass, enamel, metallic wax, angora, leather/suede, musical mechanism
Having eaten, slept and dreamt with Jelly Roll Rags since fetus-hood, i happened upon the story of his godmother, Eulalie Echo rather recently. I chose to depict her in costume, as a young maiden, high in her prime of playing ‘good voudon’ and favourite to the Madams and harlots of the Tenderloin. With her gris-gris and juju all set up for business, and as pretty a production as a soul~seller should be, the thought of her future clouding Jelly Roll Mortons, as it tragically will, seems a century away…this tween~age voodoo vixen is busy stealing hearts, and turning heads!
(I like to make her flirt over her shoulder). Reliquary items and keepsakes can be placed inside her sacred heart hole.

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