Photography by Darla Teagarden

In the early 1990s, I began as stylist and Make-up artist in San Francisco, and Île-de-France .Eventually, I became a historical cabaret dancer for the Goethe Institute of San Francisco . I primarily portrayed a then-infamous 1920s Wiemar dancer named, Anita Berber and other notorious German characters. These series of productions were choreographed by illustrious Martha Graham protégé and U.C. Berkley professor, Marni Wood, and directed by Voluptuous Panic author, Mel Gordan. ..Starring German singer, Nina Hagen. Simultaneously, I was a part-time production designer, vintage clothing buyer , published writer, a part-time model (United States and Germany). In 2003 I delved into mixed media on canvas showing in New Orleans’ French Quarter, New York’s Woodstock Art Fest and Austin, Texas @ Continental Gallery ( then 1313) , Gallery Lombardi and Guadalupe Gallery.

By March 2007 I was lead to photography applying my trades and interests into one medium. Theatrical vignettes, projections, drawn backgrounds , painted mythical body parts, wood and paper. I do most of my own hair and make-up, unless stated otherwise. Up-cycled materials and a small deliberate budget are implemented and primarily shot in my bedroom which has been converted into a studio. My images are primarily inspired by children’s literature, my time in theatre arts, pop surrealism and the Southern Gothic genre. I like to work with visual artists and musicians- Some of my favorite include, Roky Erickson, Lydia Lunch, Liz McGrath, Rasputina, Exene Cervenka, Natalia Fabia, King Dude, Charlie Sexton, Chelsea Wolfe etc. You can find my photography in national/internationally published magazines, beautiful art blogs, local galleries and elsewhere. I am based in Austin, Texas. Image

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